Fashion Friday- Fall Feelings

Hey! It’s been way too long since our last Fashion Friday- I’ve missed it! Here are a few fun Fall-y looking things I’ve seen around and loved.

I hope that you’re having an amazing week!

Hampshire Chambray Overall Dress


Cute and simple.

Receiving Earrings


Aren’t these gorgeous? I love the color.

Denver Seamed Top


This looks so comfy- I’m a little unsure how the seams down the front would look in person though.

Printblock Shirtdress


I tried this on at Loft and loved it, but it seemed a little too formal for my day to day life. It was a great length and cut though!

Birchwood Crochet Accent Blouse


This color is so beautiful and the detail around the neckline is incredible.

Floral Button Back Swing Shell

imageService (1)

Another thing I saw in person and really liked. I didn’t try it on, so I’m not sure how “swingy” it is.

Stand Your Underground Booties


Velvet booties might not be the most practical choice, but they sure are fun!

Dot Striped Henley Blouse

imageService (2)

I love this- a perfect classic.



Where in the world have you been? Part 1

It has been a long time since we have posted anything on the blog- it has been on my mind and quite honestly I have missed it.  So much has happened in the last several months so I thought I’d try to give a bit of an update and include some pictures.  I hope to start posting new recipes again soon.


July – We went backpacking again.  Last year we went on a 60 mile, eight day trip with a few friends (read the post here). This year Jordan and I decided to do the whole John Muir Trail, all 210 miles of it.

 Well, we were out for 20 days, but we only did 185 miles because of some unforeseen challenges.  We hope to finish the last 25 miles next year.  It was such an amazing experience- brutally hard and breathtakingly beautiful!  We met some of the nicest people too which was an incredible blessing.


This was one of many nights that we got to camp together and commiserate about the day’s challenges!


Just like last year, the scenery was what kept us going! The sunset over Wanda Lake was beyond beautiful! 

August- We barely got home from our John Muir Trail trip and then we left on a two week family camping trip.  We went to June Lake, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite.  We even took the family back onto the John Muir Trail for a little day hike.  Here are a few pictures from that adventure!

image image image image

image image

Well that rounds out our summer- we pretty much camped the whole time! 

Watch for a post about Jordan going off to college, coming soon!