It’s a Grizzly Adams Sort of Day – Garden Update

grizzly adams day 6 edited

So today I decided to spend some quality time in the garden. After hanging a load of laundry and collecting eggs I first investigated what was coming up.

grizzly adams day 2

Wow-was I surprised, so many veggies and we just picked yesterday. It is always so exciting at first and then it gets to be a bit of a chore and then near the end of summer you dread even having to go out to garden. I’m still in the honeymoon phase of this year’s garden.

grizzly adams day 4 edited

I decided I better get down to business – I started picking veggies and pulling weeds for the chickens, multitasking at its finest. I realized after just a few minutes that I was not prepared. Where was my basket? How am I going to get this haul into the house? Then the phone rang and then the other phone rang, so before I knew it – I had been distracted from my task. So back to the garden with baskets in hand.

grizzly adams day 3 edited

grizzly adams day 1 edited

^^My little garden helper taking a break from the hard work.

I mentioned that when I come back from a good harvest I feel a bit like Grizzly Adams – yes, I Googled his name. Remember him? I thought that was such a great comparison but clearly I am not remembering the TV program from my Jr. High days as well as I thought. I am nothing like him. I am not currently running from the law, I am not raising a grizzly bear cub, I don’t have a beard – but I have avoided shaving my legs for the last few days. Apparently there was a hungry spider in my bed the other night and now I have these bites all over my legs- nice! So I don’t want to shave – really nice! So hairy legs with little blister/bites all over them- ugh. So back to my pal Grizzly Adams – I am nothing like him. So now who am I going to compare myself to when I am feeling all proud of myself for being somewhat self-sufficient?

grizzly adams day 7 edited

grizzly adams day 5 edited


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