Fashion Friday: Dress Obsession

My so-called Dress Obsession became very real to me a couple of days ago when I cleaned out my closet and counted my dresses. I have 25.

Seriously, I had no idea that I owned that many- I mean, really? 25? What does a 16 year old girl do with 25 dresses? Apparently I should wear them considering that I have almost enough dresses to wear one of them everyday for a month.

In honor of this obsession, I decided that this week’s Fashion Friday theme would be all about dresses with some jewelry thrown in for good measure. When I was searching for some great dresses to feature on this post, my mom informed me “that you have a problem”. I agree wholeheartedly- I’m obsessed with dresses. But that’s okay, because there’s worse things that I could be obsessed with 🙂

French Connection Women’s Orange Chevron Pattern Long Sundress

orange chevron sundress

Oh my gosh. This dress.

Not only is it waaaay out of my price range, it’s also out of stock, but that’s beside the point ’cause look how darn cute it is.

Brookings Harbor Floral Dress


I love these colors.

Love is All Around Hoop Earrings

hoop earrings

So pretty.

Arcadia Printed Maxi Dress

blue arcadia dress

It’s a little hard to tell from this picture, but apparently this dress is peach and royal blue, instead of cream and royal blue as I originally thought. I still think it would be super cute though, and I really like the top.

Marnie Embellished Lace Shift Dress

lace shift

Adorable! Need I say more?

Cobalt Cap Sleeve Dress

blue weave dressThis dress looks like it might be a little short, but that could just be how it looks on the model. I really like how the tail is a little longer in the back, which is nice if you lean over or anything.

I love the color, and the neckline is so unusual and beautiful. It looks really comfortable too.

Desert Sun Maxi Dress

desert sun maxi

This dress isn’t something that I’d normally pick out, but I really like the top.

On The Coast Bangle Set

seaside bangle

Ellsworth Polka Dot Chambray Dressblue dot dress

I’ve tried on a ton of chambray dresses recently and I always end up looking like I just stepped off a farm. And surprisingly that’s not normally a look I go for.

But I feel like the polka dots and eyelet at the bottom of this dress might help.

Green Spaghetti Strap Split Bandeau Chiffon Dress

chiffon teal crossback

Okay, so I have a confession to make. Between writing and publishing this post, I bought another dress. Bringing my count to 26. I know, I know, I have issues. All I ask is that you don’t unfairly judge me because I have a strange and absurd obsession with a piece of clothing. Thanks 🙂


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