Fashion Friday- Tried and True

Happy Friday! So this Fashion Friday post includes some of my tried and true wardrobe staples (or something similar) that I love and wear all the time. Of course, I had to throw in some other picks that I just really like, but don’t actually own (yet ;))

Women’s Cateye Sunglasses


I have a practically identical pair of sunglasses, but I’m realizing their mortality. I noticed the beginnings of a crack in the plastic frame the other day and I’ve been treating them even more gently since then, afraid that they might finally break. I found my pair for $10 at a tiny boutique near Yosemite about a year ago, so today I started looking for a replacement pair for when that sad day comes, and I found these! They are almost identical, except for the color (mine are more tan). I was seriously considering buying these just in case they were no longer available when I need a new pair, but I found a pair today at Kohl’s that I love.

Summer Home in Florence Printed Blouse


Crochet Shorts


These are just flat-out adorable.

Strappy Flat Sandals


I love everything about these- the color, the fact that they remind me of cage heels…without the heel ;), the crisscrossing straps on the top…like I said- everything.

By My Side Skirt


I love circle skirts- I wear mine (similar to the one above) with tank tops and flip-flops in the summer and a button-down, tights and boots in the winter. Definitely a staple in my closet.

Full Tilt Multi Cross Back Tank


I bought this top a couple of months ago and have worn it more times than I can count- it looks good with jeans, shorts and my maxi skirt, and I love the back, even though I don’t wear it completely open like the model does in these pictures. I was immediately drawn to the lighter color, but I ignored my initial instinct and tried on the black- I’m so glad I did because it goes with so many different things.

Charcoal and Grey Maxi Skirt


I know it may seem basic, but my knit maxi skirt is one of my favorite items in my closet- and definitely one of the most worn! Mine has a tiny horizontal stripe and is a really dark red.


Ha! Yes! A maxi skirt has to be one of the most comfortable things you can ever wear, and they go with everything.

ASOS Super Wide Elastic Belt


Okay, so you’re probably thinking the same thing as me right now- how wide is “super wide”? I have absolutely no idea because the website doesn’t include measurements in their product description- gah. But I decided to go ahead and include this seemingly non-descript belt because I have a very similar one that I absolutely adore. No seriously, I think it was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

I bought it more than 2 years ago from Forever 21, so it’s no surprise that they no longer carry it. It’s hard to tell for sure, but it looks like it is not nearly as wide as the belt above (it’s only about 2 1/4 inches wide), but besides that, it’s exactly the same. I wear it with everything- dresses, skirts etc.- it’s the perfect width and simple enough that it’s not distracting. Plus, it was only 6 bucks (gotta love Forever 21’s prices).

So to sum it up, the above link and picture aren’t as much a Fashion Friday pick, as a means to an end- it gives me the ability to tell you all about my favorite belt and how perfect it is 🙂

Lottie & Holly Chambray Floral Hi Low Dress

208690575Another Tilly’s purchase that I love.