Fashion Friday- Living in the Dark Ages…again

We didn’t have internet at our house from Monday, 11/4, until last night at 8 p.m.

I know! Is a cold sweat breaking out on your forehead at the very thought?? We made do with coffee shop internet and some very kind neighbors allowing us to hack into their internet. Barely!

Throughout the week, I was flashing back to the “Dark Ages”, as we’re so fond of calling them- the good ol’ dial-up days! Remember? When your computer would make sounds as it connected to the internet? Listen and have a flash-back moment with me….

We’d bring a book to the computer with us so that we’d have something productive to do while waiting for each and every webpage to load. In my mom’s case, she’d knit in front of the computer. The unfortunate fact about that situation was that she actually got a lot of knitting done whenever she went online. One friend taught herself sign-language while waiting for her dial-up. It would take us at least half an hour to load a two-minute YouTube video. By the time your email loaded you felt like throwing your computer out the window. It was worse then waiting in line at the Post Office. If you think I’m exaggerating at all, think again. I’m very sorry to say that it really was that bad. Do you feel my pain yet?

I feel like now’s a good time to remind you that we live in the middle of no where. It takes 15 minutes to get “into town” to check the mail and go to the library and 30 minutes to go anywhere else. Going “into town” is an event that consists of very little excitement, since our little town just doesn’t have very much going on. I know that there’s probably some people out there reading this saying ‘that’s nothing- I live blank minutes from anywhere’. I have the utmost respect for you. Anyway, our internet options are pretty scarce out here in the sticks, and high-speed internet was just not an option until very recently. And even now, “high-speed” is a vast over-exaggeration. Anything beats dial-up though.

At least back then though, we did have some form of internet- this past week and a half we’ve had nothing. Nada. The AT&T guy came by our house on Day 5 of our departure into the dark ages, and informed us that our modem was broken and that he didn’t have a replacement modem in his service truck, so we’d have to wait for another person to come out and fix it for us. My question for Adam (the AT&T guy) was what self-respecting internet repair man doesn’t carry around a spare modem or two? Because you know, just in case someone has a problem with their internet and actually wants it fixed?!? I promise, I didn’t actually say this to him. I just thought it in my head. Loudly. If you can scream something in your head, I did.

Despite everything I just said in that rant, we’ve actually been seeing the perks in not having internet. We’ve realized that we do fill our time with some meaningless time online, and not being able to connect instantly has made us think about how we spend our free time. And having to get a Shivered Mint Cookie Frappuccino in order to use the local coffee shop’s internet has obvious benefits. Please don’t think that this means that you should call Adam for us and tell him that we really don’t want to keep our newly-restored internet, because we do. Oh we do.

In order to brighten my darkened existence, I found some adorable dark colored clothing to share with you all. I have to be completely honest (in case you were afraid that I wasn’t telling you how I really felt in the monologue above)- the real reason I’m doing this Fashion Friday post is because it gave me an excuse to hang out at the coffee shop and drink the afore-mentioned Shivered Mint Cookie Frappuccino. Life is good.

Favorite Heathered Sweater


Love the color.

Splendid Spectacles Necklace


Isn’t this cute and funky?

BDG Frankie Flannel


A friend and I just had a conversation about flannels, so when I saw this one I knew I had to post it. We agreed that the best place to buy flannels is in the men’s section of thrift stores. The perfect mix of oversized comfort and cute cozy flannel. Oh and adorable cheap thrift store wear.

Dartmouth Marled Bomber Jacket

29303 (1)

I have a jacket that’s a similar cut to this but a different fabric. It’s a Free People denim jacket that I bought at a resale store for $25. I honestly think that it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made- it looks brand new, is the perfect size, and is obviously excellent quality. It looks like denim but is actually cotton so it’s super comfortable. I wear it a ton with dresses, and it also looks cute with black jeans.

Sparkle & Fade Skater Dress

skater uo dress

I tried this on at Urban Outfitters and loved it- it was super flattering and adorable on.

Heart It Opaque Tights

heart tights

I bought these, and love them. They are really fun and perfect for layering as it gets cooler.



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