Fashion Friday- Feeling Fancy

I recognize that the alliteration in that title is a little over-the-top, but it’s accurate. The things I picked for this week’s post range from sorta fancy to very fancy- perfect if you’re wanting to look especially festive.

Brocade Top


Staring at Stars Dress

seeing starsWow. So gorgeous.

Becca Half Slip

slip capture

I really love how this slip looks- so pretty and delicate.

Along the Trellis Lace Dress


Love this color.

Printed Chiffon Dress

ae chiffon dress capture

This seems more summer-y to me, but I still really like it.

Backstory Tee

backstory tee capture

Fun and unique.

Cause for Cheer Embellished Dress


Another gorgeous Christmas dress.

Jackson Meadow Ring

meadow ring

Floral Lace Print Leggings

228645320 (1)

These seem like the cuter alternative to wearing pajama pants out in public.



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