Fashion Friday- Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving- we did! Watch for upcoming posts documenting what we ate yesterday 🙂

Let’s Fall In Love Skirt


I thought that this was super pretty- of course I love the color.

Ponte Knit Blazer

uo black blazer

I would’ve used the picture of this blazer in purple, but I felt like I already had enough things in that color scheme. This blazer comes in a ton of cute colors and seems like a good classic.

Art Deco Beaded Top


So sparkly and cool.

Swept Away Dress


Sun and Moon Watch

around the world watch

I’ve been really loving the large-face, old-fashioned looking watches, and this seems like a good one.

The Street Rules Mini


Love this.

Mellaship Bracelet

mellaship bracelet in ivory

Sweet Side Pleated Dress


I found this dress last night, and this morning when we went out for a bit of Black Friday shopping, I bought this dress…

Belted Pintuck Dress


The similarities are astounding hahaha.

BDG Acid-Wash Cords

bdg mid-rise cords

For some reason I am really attracted to skinny cords, but I am yet to own any. I love the colors of these, and they look so comfy.



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