Fashion Friday- Baby It’s 80* Outside

On the odd chance that you’re reading this and not from Southern California, I thought I’d talk a bit about the weather around here. I think it must be seriously confused- we’ve been having highs in the mid-80’s this past week or so. It feels less like January and more like July- not that I’m complaining too much- shorts and tank tops are always great with me. So if you notice a lot more summery clothing in the mix today you’ll know why.

Gauze Babydoll Dress

gauze babydoll

Isn’t this cute?

Letizia Earrings


Poet’s Cardigan


You all are probably tired of seeing long cardigans like this, but this one was way too adorable to pass up.

Twig & Willow Indie Necklace


I really like this. It’s simple but unusual .

Paisley Fit & Flare Dress

paisley fit & flare dress

Another summery one that is so cute.

Bookstore Satchel


This is super cute- I love it.

Colourblock Breton Top

colorblock top

These tops are so bright and fun.

Tulle Skirt


I’ve decided that I really want a tulle skirt like this- they look so fun to wear.



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