After church last Sunday, my mom and I went down to the beach and had coffee and lunch at one of our favorite coffee spots. We went for a bike ride around the harbor and then returned to the same coffee shop for this amazing dessert. Coffee + beach side biking + gelato and coffee?? Best. Day. Ever.

It was the first time that we’d had Affogato and we were completely enamored and began figuring out how to recreate it almost immediately. Affogato means drowned in Italian, so this is literally drowned ice cream. It is amazing and so easy- just gelato, whipped cream and espresso. Needless to say it’s one of our new favorites.


gelato or ice cream (we used coffee chocolate chip gelato)

2 shots of espresso

whipped cream or Cool- Whip

Prepare the espresso. We made ours with instant espresso powder, but if you have an espresso machine, even better! Make enough for two shots per serving.

Scoop gelato into mug or small bowl and dollop some whipped cream on top. Pour hot espresso over the top and enjoy!



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