Fashion Friday- A Few of My Favorite Things Edition

Nearly everything on today’s post is either something I own and love, or something that I would love to own. Some week’s are just like that I guess. I also realized that some of these things (the tuxedo pants and the two tank tops especially) are a bit different then my typical style- I normally wear “all polka dots and bows” according to one friend ๐Ÿ™‚ So I hope you enjoy a Fashion Friday that’s just a little bit different.

Tuxedo Stripe Pants


These pants are part of Ruche’s 13 going on 30 feature- 13 different items styled into 30 different outfits. All of the combinations are so cute and I especially loved these pants. Unusual but still a classic.

Breakfast Top


This is so cute.

Blush Rhinestone Headband


I just bought this headband at World Market- I’ve had my eye on a jeweled headband like this since I saw one at Urban Outfitters but refused to spend $25 on it. This one was $12, and my mom had a 50% off coupon- yay!

Scoot Your Fancy Sweater

scootin' sweater

Oh my gosh. I absolutely love this.

Elf Essentials Liquid Eyeliner


I don’t always wear eyeliner, but when I do I use Elf. Apparently I’m channeling the Dos Equis guy now ๐Ÿ˜‰ But seriously, I really do like this eyeliner- it’s only a dollar, the brush is perfect and the tiny bottle actually seems to hold a lot.

Rockabilly Raglan


This comes in a couple other cute colors.

Callie the Cat Ring


Awwwww!! Isn’t this adorable?

North Shore Striped Tank


Yes, I know. Another tank top. But I really like the extra layer of fabric underneath this one.

Ferry Landing Dress


I love this color. And the dress is so cute and simple- perfect for layering or wearing with statement jewelry.



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