Fashion Friday- It’s All in the Details

Even the simplest piece can be amazing if it has that little detail that makes it special. Whether that’s an awesome print, embellishment or a bit of lace, that one great detail can make a “basic” piece so fun.

I’ve realized that those “basic” pieces also end up being some of my favorites. They are definitely the foundation of my wardrobe- I find myself reaching for my military jacket with metal embellishments, a simple skirt in bright blue, or my favorite white shirt with gold detailing more than anything else in my closet.

With that in mind, here are some great basics that are just a bit unusual and fun. Enjoy!

Top with Rhinestones


So pretty!

Crochet Backpack 


We found this at Target and it’s actually cuter in person than on the website- if that’s possible. I’m not totally sure about how I’d do with a white-ish backpack – I’d always be afraid it would get dirty. I guess that’s a risk that I’d just have to live with 😉

Crochet Detail Skirt


This seems like a great, simple skirt and I love the crocheting along the waistline.

Aztec Empire Embroidered Sweatshirt


The perfect way to fancy-up a simple sweatshirt.

Cheetah Ballet Flats


We’re on the hunt for a perfect pair of leopard print (or in this case, cheetah print :)) flats for my mom. Just another example of how a basic, wardrobe staple, like a pair of ballet flats, can be taken up a notch with a fun print.

Romantics Gigi Tee


Ahhhhh….so pretty.

Bow Belt


I love me a good waist belt. This is one that I received for Christmas, and I really like it. The picture makes it look shinier than it really is- the leather is doesn’t look nearly as fake. It’s a perfect, simple belt to wear with dresses and skirts and the bow makes it fun and girly.

Street Fair Top

street fair top

Cute! Perfect with jeans, boots and an adorable cardigan.

St. Barths Printed  Dress


This dress doesn’t look like a basic, but the cut is totally a classic- the beautiful print is definitely what makes the dress special. I also love the neckline.



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