Fashion Friday- Just Relax

I had a bit of trouble choosing a title for this post- there were just too many options. “Just Relax” is accurate, but so is something to do with knit fabrics, or even “The Grass is Always Greener”.

Let me explain. I tend to err on the side of dressed up. I wear lots of dresses and button-down shirts. You get the picture. That’s definitely my style, but recently, I’ve been thinking of incorporating some more relaxed pieces. The reason that “The Grass is Always Greener,” would be an appropriate title is that my mom just recently decided that she wanted to wear more tailored things. Ha! It’s so funny how that seems to happen – I guess the saying is well used for a reason.

Anyway, the pieces I chose for this week’s Fashion Friday are more relaxed- and a lot of them happen to be knit. Yay for comfy and cute!

Knit Circle Skirt

knit circle skirt

This is super cute and comes in a bunch of fun colors.

Crochet Yoke Top


Cute! I love the color and fabric.

Relaxed Pocket Tank

ae relaxed pocket tank

Okay. This.

I think I love it. Especially in this color- it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Pistachio Dreams Sweatshirt


Love it. It would be perfect with jeans and boots or even just sweats. All-around perfect.

In the Sunshine Sandals

sunshine sandals

I don’t really know how shoes can be “relaxed,” but these are so cute and are perfect for summer.

Long Sleeve Plaid


I have a Mossimo flannel that I wear all the time and love. Flannel’s are just plain amazing.

Exploring Peru Embroidered Maxi


Ahhh maxi dresses. How I love you.

Del Mar Distressed Boyfriend Jeans

distressed boyfriend jeans

Guess what!! Ruche’s new lookbook just came out and it’s a good one. As usual, the photos and clothes are all beautiful. These boyfriend jeans are so cute and I love the top. And the scarf 😉

Cozy Long Sleeve Top

cozy long sleeve top

This is so cute. And obviously, totally comfy.



2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday- Just Relax

  1. I wish I could – I would absolutely love to be sponsored for the posts. And I love some of these companies so much that it wouldn’t be a stretch haha
    Thanks- I’m glad that you liked them 🙂

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