Fashion Friday- It’s a Quickie

For once, I’m completely at a loss for a title for today’s Fashion Friday post. No puns, color themes or titles based on the weather, just cute clothes 🙂 Hope you enjoy it! Happy Friday and happy {almost} St. Patrick’s Day!

Lunation Tee

lunation tee

This is adorable and this particular color seems especially fitting for St. Patty’s Day. Perfect for avoiding pinches.

Maritime Treasure Striped Maxi


I’m pretty sure I’ve shared a similar skirt on a previous Fashion Friday, but it’s just such a perfect spring/summer piece.

Leave Your Mark Bag

make your mark bag

Cute and unusual.

Whimsy Garden Shift Dress


This is so cute- I could totally see wearing it with a jean jacket and sandals.

Classic Cocktail Ring

classic cocktail ring

This is so pretty.

Green and Purple Art Infinity Scarf


Another good pinch avoiding clothing item- and it’s beautiful too!

Coffee Addict PJ Set


Alex (my oldest brother) always seems quite concerned with my coffee drinking habits. Anytime he’s home he comments that I’m addicted to caffeine. Honestly, he’s probably not that far off- I love coffee, and that’s just how it is 🙂

Anyway, one evening he was doing dishes and after he washed my travel mug, he squirted liquid soap into the bottom and then put it in the cabinet. The next morning, I poured coffee into the mug and drank the majority of it on the way to the gym. Later in the day, he told me what he had done. Apparently it was too dark that morning and I had missed the presence of the clear dish soap. I was mad and, of course, he thought that it was absolutely hilarious that I had had so much of the coffee and never even noticed the odd flavor. I’m not sure if that was his attempt to stop me from drinking coffee, but it definitely didn’t work 😉

Classic Tiered Smock Dress


I love this! The back is so pretty and I love the more relaxed cut of the dress. It also comes in pink which is super cute.

Brisbane Crochet Detail Tank


I love the color on this tank top and the lace on the side is a pretty addition.



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