Garden Update – The Farm Stand is Open

Well, it’s official! We opened our farm stand yesterday. I know, you didn’t see it in the paper or anything, right? Let me explain how the farm stand started. Several years ago we put in a MASSIVE garden, I’m not exaggerating – it was huge. We had such a bountiful harvest that we just couldn’t keep up, we were handing out bags and bags of stuff, freezing, eating until we couldn’t stand the sight of all the veggies. So the kids set up a table at the top of our property and started selling the fruits of our efforts to strangers.
farmstand 1

It was so successful that the kids each paid for their own water-park membership. The next year we borrowed an amazing farm-stand from our neighbors that was self-serve. I use the word borrowed loosely- we’ve now kept their farm-stand for the last four years, so really we stole it. So back to our awesome new business. People would drive up, pick out the veggies they wanted, and drop the money into the money can. It was always so exciting to go up and empty the money can and count up the dough. We then write it on a piece of paper to tally up how much we make. It’s all very exciting. So we opened our stand with much fanfare and made $5.25 yesterday! Sometimes we sell our eggs or even bake bread to sell. It’s really fun and people start coming by to see what else we have available. Sometimes we get notes stuck in our money can telling us how much they love our veggies. So fun!

When walking around the garden the other day I noticed a lot of insect activity. Since we don’t use pesticides – we share with the bugs. Such a drag. We also share with the peacocks at times, that’s how it is in the country. Here you can see where the snails have started eating the beautiful purple beans that I have been waiting anxiously for. Errrrrrg!
farmstand 3

farmstand 2

So back to the garden, our grapes are going crazy and look beautiful.

farmstand 4

Also the cucumbers, tomatoes and onions are coming along great. We also have some hot peppers that are looking like they will be great for salsa along with the cilantro that is thriving.

Yesterday I made an amazing vegetable lasagna using zucchini and yellow squash. Watch for a post about that soon. So yummy!

veggie lasagna 1 edited

^^just a teaser- more to come!

I’m off to the garden.

farmstand 6

farmstand 5 (2)


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