New Beginnings, Finishing Strong and Zucchini the Size of a Baby

How’s that for random?

New beginnings – well, we took Travis to college two days ago. Waaaah!


While it is a sad and difficult time, it was so awesome to hear the President of the University and several other faculty members say that they have been praying for our students. They actually had a day of prayer where several hundred people walked around the campus: every dorm room, every classroom, every seat in chapel, etc. and prayed specifically for our kids! Wow! Every meeting and event started and ended with prayer. We attended an awesome time of worship Friday night before tearfully driving away. Yesterday we were back to continue with the new student orientation. I don’t think it will really hit me for a few more days that Travis is actually going to stay there. Sleep there, eat there, LIVE THERE!


^^^the view from one of Travis’ classrooms. Everywhere on campus has such a gorgeous ocean view- including his dorm room! Pretty rough, huh?

Ok, moving on before I start sobbing. Finishing strong – yesterday was the last day of my August fitness challenge – the plank challenge. I did it! Yesterday ended with doing a 5 minute plank! Crazy, huh? I had no idea that I could really do it. It started slow and built up, making it actually possible.

The last point is pretty self explanatory – but I will explain anyway. I went out to pick some tomatoes for dinner last night and decided to check the squash. I found this GIANT zucchini. I carried it around to the house sort of laughing and I said to Jordan, something about it being the size of a baby. She couldn’t hear me, but when she opened the window she said “oh my gosh, it’s the size of a baby!” Too funny! I wish I had taken a picture of it.

Well, that’s all the excitement from here. I know, truly pathetic! Have a nice weekend.

travis college view 2




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