Freezing Eggs

Ok, so our eggs aren’t freezing – but did you know that you can freeze fresh/raw eggs? This comes in very handy when you have an over-abundance of these beauties.

I love our eggs – aren’t they pretty?

eggs in bucket

I just love the muted colors and all of the spots on each egg. One year as a homeschool project Jordan made a starfish mosaic out of the egg shells. She used white, different shades of brown and different shades of green – so pretty. I have it framed in my office area.

egg shells

To freeze eggs you want to start out with the freshest eggs. Take 4 eggs and crack and mix gently in a measuring cup. Add 1/2 tsp salt to the eggs and mix well. Pour into a ziplock bag and freeze. Frozen eggs will last for 8 months in the freezer. I clearly mark mine with the date, expiration date, how many eggs and how much salt I used. Then I can use them for quiche, scrambled eggs or really any recipe. We used a couple of bags of the frozen eggs on our camping trip.

It was so convenient to just pull the bags out of the refrigerator when we were ready to make breakfast.  Just be sure to allow enough time for the eggs to defrost.


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