Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

eggs 9-17 1

I know I’ve mentioned this, but I love our eggs -I love our chickens too, but not like I love our eggs. Weird, huh? I love being able to go out and collect eggs and then turn it into some delicious meal for my family. I love that we feed our chickens a super, healthy diet and in turn, have super, healthy eggs. I love that when you crack the egg you see that vibrant yellow color, and when you eat our eggs they really taste like eggs.

eggs 9-17 2

One thing that we started doing was growing wheat grass for our chickens. We always have tons of weeds around and leftover veggies in the garden, but I read somewhere about how great wheat grass is so we started growing it. I buy wheat berries in bulk from our grocery store and just plant them and water them and that’s it. We walk out to the garden and grab a big handful and yank it up – roots and all and toss it into the chickens. If they are lucky they may end up with a tasty bug or two. They love it and it not only saves money on the cost of feed it makes for healthier eggs.




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