Meatless Monday – Salad Bar

salad bar mm 1 edited

I know, it is a bit sad to do a post on a salad bar, but I love salad bar night! I try to not do it very often because I get complaints from certain members of the family but Jordan and I love it. It has been quite hot here lately and cooking is the last thing I want to do, so a big salad bar is the perfect summer dinner.

We sort of cheated – it’s not actually meatless, since I had chicken available for the complainers! But you can build your salad bar any way you’d like.

I chop up a ton of different veggies and keep them in separate bowls. Also lettuce (obviously), different types of beans, cheese, onions, olives, cilantro, etc. I also have some sort of yummy bread available. And of course, different salad dressing choices and croutons! Yay! The leftovers get stashed away for lunch the next day.

salad bar mm 2

A quick note on the salad dressing. I am a bottled salad dressing person. I know people who make their own dressing and that is great, I just don’t do that. However, I do “make” this dressing. It is my favorite! All I do is follow the recipe on the packet of Good Seasons salad dressing mix and use all of their measurements for vinegar, water and oil. The only difference is that I use Balsamic vinegar. It just gives it a rich flavor. I have tried using garlic olive oil and that is quite yummy too. Enjoy!


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