Fashion Friday- I Dyed It!

I’d been thinking about dying my hair for the last few weeks, and last Saturday I got up the nerve to actually do it! I’m now a red-head! My hair is a dark reddish purple- I love it. In the sun, the color looks much brighter- I feel a bit like the Little Mermaid- haha. Keep an eye out for a picture 🙂

Even though dying my hair at home was a little freaky until I saw the finished product, I’m so happy that I did it- it ended up being not nearly as expensive as going to a salon to have it done. All in all, the supplies ended up costing me about $30, and I have enough left-over dye to touch up the roots at least two times in the future.

Now for some of my favorite fashion-related finds this week! (How was that for the worst segue ever? ha!)

Sadie Hooded Tie-Waist Cardigan


I love this so much. The color is beautiful and I love the hood and the longer length.

Georgina River Lace-Up Boots


So cool- the color is really interesting.

Pearson Blouse

pearson blouse

Of course, I love this color. And the longer back is cool.

Romantic Floral Lace Dress


This is so unusual and pretty.

Isobel Earrings


Absolutely gorgeous.

Puppy Graphic Sweater


I know I just highlighted a similar sweater last week, but this was just too adorable to pass up.

Montage Bib Necklace


Such a beautiful color.

Black Criss Cross Denim Dress

IMG_6464_zps69575cd7(photo credit goes to The Clothes Horse)

I’ve decided that I want to buy a jumper- I’m hoping that it will be my next dress purchase. The Clothes Horse is my favorite fashion blog and Rebecca, the writer, (above) is the one who got me thinking about dying my hair. Even though I decided not to go teal like her, I still absolutely love her hair.

Faux Stone Cuff

turquoise braceletSo pretty and delicate.


Hope you have a great weekend!



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