Fashion Friday- You Look a Little Pale

When it comes to Fashion Friday, I normally start the post without a specific theme in mind and see what pieces I find to feature. This week’s post is a good example of that- I started to pick out pieces from my favorite clothing websites, and then I realized that they were all light-colored. Because of that, the entire post features only pale colored clothing 🙂

I wear a ton of different colors, but I love white clothes. Even though the pieces below aren’t all white, I still love them all.

Another explanation for the title could be that when I started this post I was feeling a little under-the-weather and my mother so kindly pointed out that I wasn’t looking so great. Thanks mom.

Floral Embroidered Dress


This is absolutely gorgeous. I’m a sucker for a white lace dress.

Authentic Light Legging

super light

These are really cute.

Give It Your Best Snapshot Tee

best shot tee

I thought this was fitting considering how much time I take pictures for the blog.

Weekend Brunch Shirtdress


This color is so pretty and unusual, and the dress itself is adorable.

Embroidered Floral Women’s Classics


They’re Toms! Of course I love them!

Hattie Sweatshirt


Really unique.

Edgy Earcuff Set


I recently got a second ear piercing, so I’m not totally sure how an earcuff would look with that, but this one is really cool- I like that it’s fun, but not over the top.

Romantic Crochet Top


I saw a friend wearing this the other day and absolutely loved it- it looked so much cuter on her than in this picture.

North Plains Open Knit Sweater


Cute and comfy- what more can one want?



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