Look Who’s Turning Two!

grizzly adams day 1 editedCallie (a.k.a. Cal-Cal, the wild Indian, or Lick-ums) is turning two tomorrow!! Out of all the dogs we’ve ever had, Callie has, by-far, the biggest, funniest personality. We’ve never had a dog before that licks as a form of greeting, howls when she’s excited and grunts like a pig when she rolls on her back. She is also a champion swimmer. She loves to go on walks and she “sings” for treats. She is hilarious!

callie's b-day 1
callie's b-day 3Just before we got Callie, we had to put down two of our dogs, and Daisy was sad and lonely. We actually started saying that she was a depressed doggie haha. Right around that time our friends, the Thorpes, told us that their chocolate lab had just “fathered” a litter of puppies, and they were offering us the pick of the litter. We picked out the little cutie above, and named her Callie (her dad’s name is Caliber, and her mom’s name is Lillie so we combined the two).

callie's birthday 5

In honor of her birthday we are going to try baking her some doggie treats- so keep an eye out for that post!

Cindy & Jordan


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