Fashion Friday- Workout Edition

I think most people who exercise on a regular basis will agree that having cute workout gear is a huge plus to working out. Between that well-known fact, and the exercise related New Year’s resolutions that some of you may have made, I thought it would be a good time to do a workout themed Fashion Friday.


The majority of my workout gear is from Old Navy– I love their Active brand- it’s all good quality and fits well.  They’re having a huge Active sale until 1/15- everything is 40% off right now. So a lot of my picks for this week are from Old Navy, with a few other brands mixed in, and a couple workout ideas for you to try. 

Compression Capris


These pants are very similar to the Old Navy capris that I bought at least 9 months ago- the quality is excellent and they fit perfectly. I wear them practically every day and they haven’t stretched or pilled.

Tone Up Tight Workout

20130803182948-tone-up-tight-routineI tried this the other day, repeating the circuit three times like they recommend, and it felt like a really good workout. Their time frame is about right- it took me around 18 minutes, so it’s great if you don’t have a ton of time.

Padded Sports Bra


Another thing I own and love- a perfect amount of support and super comfortable.

Sweaty Bands Chevron Slide


My mom got one of these headbands for her last birthday and she loves it. It’s so cute and it stays in place during the workout.  And they have a ton of colors and designs to choose from.

Nike Air Cross-Trainers

nike tennis shoes

Since I got these for Christmas, I’ve worn them running, walking, hiking and to bootcamp and I love them! Travis said that it looks like Dr. Seuss threw up on my feet, but personally, I like the bright colors- they look really cute in person.

Give Me 50 Workout


This looks like a good one.

Semi-Fitted Tank


This is so cute- I love the colors and fit.

Side Mesh Running Shorts

I’m wearing these very shorts as I write- needless to say, I love them.

Over Easy Workout Tank


The Core Challenge Workout

20130803201027-the-core-workoutI sometimes wonder about the pictures that they put with these workouts- if I do the workout, will my abs look like this gal’s? 😉 Haha but seriously, this looks like a challenging and good workout.



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