Fashion Friday- Beach Wear

Hey everybody!

The beach is one of my all-time favorite parts of summer- good thing we live in Southern California, huh? Because of my deeply ingrained love for the ocean, I decided to pick out some things that would be perfect for a day at the beach. Hope you enjoy it!

Boardwalk Resort Stripe Dress



This looks like the perfect summer dress. And I love the stripes- so cute and classic.

Alison Woven Sandals

Alison Woven Sandals


The color on these sandals is so unusual and cool.

Patterned Tank Top



This looks a lot like a tank top that I have that I love and wear all the time. It’s a perfect summer shirt.

Blue Pepper Kimono


I love this kimono! The color and pattern are so cute and it would be a great cover-up.

Mix and Match Swimwear



Isn’t this an adorable combination? Target has the best mix and match pieces, and this is one of the many possible, adorable combos. I love the straps on the bikini top- they add some interest to the simple black.

Smocked Linen Shorts

smocked linen shorts

I bought these shorts at Kohl’s a couple of weeks ago and, oh my gosh, they are amazing. They basically feel like you’re wearing pajama shorts (in the best way possible). I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on them too- which is weird considering that they’re just a pair of navy shorts.  I couldn’t recommend them more- I absolutely adore them.

Tortola Bead Bracelet


This is so cute!

Fiona Crop Top


I love the embroidery on this, and the colors are so pretty!

Traverse Impressions Dress

traverse impressions dress

Another perfect beach cover-up.


That’s it for today- have a great weekend!