Fashion Friday- December Outfit Inspiration

Just a few fun photos to inspire your outfits this week! Hope you have a great weekend!

Flannel + Leggings- via



The most comfortable combination ever.

Velvet- via



Clearly, wearing velvet can go terribly wrong, but done right (see above!) it makes an outfit fun, different and perfect for Christmas time.

Statement Tights + Shorts- via


I’ve been having fun recently mixing up my outfits by wearing summer-y clothes and making them work for slightly cooler weather. Shorts and tights are an easy way to do this- Target has some great options, for an amazing price. Urban Outfitters is always a favorite, especially for thigh high socks- the non-tummy-squishing alternative to tights 😉

Ultra Simple- via

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Layered, simple solids- always a great option for easy cute outfits.

Classic- via


When we were thrift store shopping a couple of weeks ago, my mom found me this amazing herringbone blazer for $3. A total score, especially since it looks new. For some reason, this blazer reminded me of the thrift store find and made me want to wear it again very soon.

Mixing Prints- via



Mixing prints can sometimes be a little tricky, but if you focus on simple backgrounds and color combinations, it can be quirky and cute.

Oversized Cardigans- via



Men’s knit cardigans are my new favorite kind of sweater.



Casual + Sparkly- via

b80c47f0ebde7b61a1d376d15e16f35aPerfect for Christmas parties.




Fashion Friday- Beach Wear

Hey everybody!

The beach is one of my all-time favorite parts of summer- good thing we live in Southern California, huh? Because of my deeply ingrained love for the ocean, I decided to pick out some things that would be perfect for a day at the beach. Hope you enjoy it!

Boardwalk Resort Stripe Dress



This looks like the perfect summer dress. And I love the stripes- so cute and classic.

Alison Woven Sandals

Alison Woven Sandals


The color on these sandals is so unusual and cool.

Patterned Tank Top



This looks a lot like a tank top that I have that I love and wear all the time. It’s a perfect summer shirt.

Blue Pepper Kimono


I love this kimono! The color and pattern are so cute and it would be a great cover-up.

Mix and Match Swimwear



Isn’t this an adorable combination? Target has the best mix and match pieces, and this is one of the many possible, adorable combos. I love the straps on the bikini top- they add some interest to the simple black.

Smocked Linen Shorts

smocked linen shorts

I bought these shorts at Kohl’s a couple of weeks ago and, oh my gosh, they are amazing. They basically feel like you’re wearing pajama shorts (in the best way possible). I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on them too- which is weird considering that they’re just a pair of navy shorts.  I couldn’t recommend them more- I absolutely adore them.

Tortola Bead Bracelet


This is so cute!

Fiona Crop Top


I love the embroidery on this, and the colors are so pretty!

Traverse Impressions Dress

traverse impressions dress

Another perfect beach cover-up.


That’s it for today- have a great weekend!