Fashion Friday- This One Doesn’t Have a Theme

It’s been a busy, fun week around here- babysitting, youth group and home group, rock-climbing and other random stuff. Alex got home last night to celebrate his birthday with us, and the guys are all going hunting tomorrow. All in all, a good week.

And to continue the random fun-ness of this week’s activities, I present Fashion Friday, without a theme. From time to time, it seems like there isn’t really a connection between the things I choose to feature, so I decided to not even try to come up with a theme. It’s just easier that way haha. Hope you enjoy the post though 🙂

Geometric Button-Up Blouse



I really like collared shirts, and the thinner fabric of this one is perfect for warmer fall days.


Color-block Top




I really love this top. It comes in cream too, but there’s something about the teal that I just love.

Civil Jeans



I tend to gravitate towards dark wash jeans, but this lighter wash pair is really cute.


Boulder Boots




Oh my goodness- I love everything about these.

Restful Weekend Top



This looks so cozy and perfect to wear with jeans or sweats. It also comes in a pretty charcoal.

Calm Waters Bracelet



This bracelet is so unusual and beautifully simple.

Tweed Swing Jacket



I’ve seen a handful of light pink jackets similar to this one recently, including the one in my Friday Favorites post from last week. I really like this particular style though- I feel like the longer length and the tweed make it a bit more timeless, while the moto look makes it fun and trendy. And, of course, the color is beautiful.


Tulip Back Dress 



I love the color and print on this dress, and the cut-out in the back is pretty and doesn’t expose too much.


Caramel Bag



I really like the fun details on this other wise simple purse.




Fashion Friday- Modcloth’s Uniquely You Campaign

Last week, I got an email from the lovely Amy Hirt, a stylist over at Modcloth– she asked if I would be interested in participating in their Uniquely You campaign by styling an ensemble around a particular ModCloth item. I was absolutely thrilled to be invited, and immediately said yes. In case you haven’t heard of Modcloth, they are a retro-inspired, online clothing company that has adorable clothes, accessories and even home goods. If you’ve read my Fashion Friday posts in the past, then you’ll be familiar with some of their products- I love their stuff! In fact, we bought my mom a pair of leather sandals (only available in cream now) from Modcloth for Mother’s Day that she loves. They are a bit unusual and are great because they have a little bit of a heel and a strap in the back- two things that aren’t normally on cute sandals. Those details make them adorable and comfortable.
All of the their clothes are so fun and totally my style. My personal style tends to be mostly classic cuts with unusual and fun details, and that fits in with Modcloth’s clothes completely.
I particularly love their dresses- as someone who wears a lot of dresses, I really appreciate their amazing selection. Here are just a few of the Modcloth dresses that I’m currently crushing on: modcloth favorite dresses
Aren’t those adorable? Because I love Modcloth’s dresses so much, I was super excited to find out that Modcloth wanted me to design an ensemble around the Abiding Beauty Dress– a classic, simple dress that would make for a great closet staple. The leather belt that comes with the dress is nearly identical to a belt that I own, and the dress itself is something that I would’ve picked out on my own also. I had so much fun picking out different Modcloth accessories and shoes to go with the dress.
The knit fabric that the dress is made out of looks so comfortable- it got me thinking of all the places I would want to wear it. My first thought was that it would be a perfect travel dress- versatile, easily pack-able, and above all, comfortable. That was my jumping off point for creating my outfit- the finished product is something that I could absolutely see myself wearing.
So, here’s my Modcloth Uniquely You ensemble!
My Daughter and I- Modcloth Uniquely You Contest
I can easily imagine wearing this outfit for exploring during a trip- all of the items are versatile and could work with so many different outfits.
Visiting Italy (and all of Europe actually!) is an absolute dream of mine, and this outfit would be exactly what I’d want to wear for a trip like that! It’s my Italy Dreamin’ outfit I suppose 😉
I used Polyvore to create both of these style sets- it was my first time using Polyvore and I had a lot of fun with it. If you want to check out my profile, or follow me, here’s the link.
I hope you enjoyed my outfit for Modcloth! I had a great time putting it together!