Fashion Friday- Themes

As I was looking through my fashion board on Pinterest, I noticed some definite themes, and I thought it would be fun to share a couple of the styles I’ve been loving lately.

Pleated Skirts

My Daughter and I- Fashion Friday- Inspiration- Pleated Skirts


I bought a green pleated midi skirt at a resale store for last year’s Halloween costume. It turned out that I love wearing the skirt normally, so that purchase was a total win-win. I’m loving how these gals styled their pleated skirts- they look cute and a bit fancy.

Blue & White

My Daughter and I- Fashion Friday- Inspiration- blue & white

Blue and white is just a timeless combination.

Crochet & Lace

My Daughter and I- Fashion Friday- Inspiration- Crochet and Lace


Crochet and lace are always a favorite, but they seem especially springy and fun right now.

Black & White

My Daughter and I- Fashion Friday- Inspiration- Black & White


Another timeless combination. Maybe it’s just me, but wearing just black and white seems to make any outfit elegant.

Polka Dots & Stripes

My Daughter and I- Fashion Friday- Inspiration- polka dots & stripes


Polka dots and stripes forever. Seriously, what’s better than a great striped shirt or a cute polka dotted skirt? Nothing, in my opinion 🙂


That’s it! Hope you have an amazing weekend!



Friday Favorites- Happy Week Before Food

Well, Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and I’m getting quite excited for pumpkin pie. And stuffing. And all the food in general 😉 Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

And on a completely unrelated note, here’s a Friday Favorites post for your viewing pleasure.

Favorite New Etsy Shop– ComeJew


Delicate, pretty jewelry, and it’s inexpensive? Win-win.

Favorite Sweet – Sour Cream Pumpkin Muffins


Yum. Just yum.

Favorite Wanderlust- Glacier National Park



This makes me want to pack a backpack and leave home right now.

Favorite Outfit Inspiration



If this doesn’t look like Christmas to you then I don’t know what will.

Favorite Drool- 7-Ingredient Zuppa Toscana (Creamy Gnocchi Soup with Kale and Sausage)



This looks absolutely, amazingly delicious.

Favorite Words to Remember



Lysa TerKeurst’s devotions are great- well-written, funny and thought-provoking. Click here to read them or subscribe.

Favorite Funny



Oh my goodness. I have no idea what this is from, but it makes me laugh so hard.

Favorite New Song- Tee Shirt by Birdy




Fashion Friday- Fall Wardrobe

We don’t really have season changes around here- there’s a reason that the year-round average in our little town is 73*. Pretty tough, huh? 😉 Because of the lack of cold weather, as soon as the temperature’s drop into the low 70’s, the fall clothing makes an appearance.

During Fall and Winter I tend to gravitate towards wearing jeans and chunky knit sweaters- occasionally I’ll mix it up and wear a dress and tights, but comfort is still king.

With this in mind, this week’s Fashion Friday includes items that I either own, or things that would fit perfectly into the Fall “uniform” that I am constantly wearing about this time of year.

Ombre Sweater



This is unusual and cute.

 Rumor Has It Bag

194519400 (1)

I have a similar purse from Tilly’s that I love- I’ve had it for almost 2 years and use it nearly every day and it’s held together amazingly well. I thought this Roxy bag from Tilly’s was super cute too.

Vintage Slub V-Tee


I have two of these shirts and they’re great. The cut is relaxed and the fabric is not at all clingy which is normally a pet peeve of mine with shirts like this.

Cinnamon Infinity Scarf


I don’t wear scarves very much but I do love infinity scarves and this one is so cute.

Lauren Conrad Skinny Jeggings


These are, without a doubt the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn. They are so soft and stretchy but seem to hold their shape well even after multiple wears. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how much they look like real jeans, with all the comfy benefits of jeggings. I don’t know about you, but normally when I see jeggings, they don’t look like real denim. These look nice while still being insanely comfortable.

Drape-front Cardigan


A cute alternative to a cardigan.

Taupe Desert Wedges 


I bought these last Fall and love them- even with the wedge, they’re super comfy.

Wood Ridge Jacket

237940531 (1)

I love my military jacket and this one is super cute. Here’s another (more expensive) option that comes in multiple colors.

Boxy Cable Knit Sweater



Another chunky knit sweater that I love.


Fashion Friday- Preppy

This had to be one of the fastest Fashion Friday’s to prepare- for some reason the items were really easy to find. It all feels very preppy, which is one of my favorite styles. When I was browsing Modcloth, I also found a couple random home-related items that I loved. I just threw them in, even though they aren’t at all related to the “preppy” theme 🙂 Hope you enjoy the post!

Romcom Marathon Sweater


So cute!

Turning in Tulle Skirt


I still have a thing for tulle skirts- I like the more slightly more subdued style of this one.

Striped Top


If this isn’t preppy, I don’t know what is.

Thigh-High Socks


I have an almost identical pair of thigh-high socks from Urban Outfitters that I bought last fall and absolutely love. They are so fun, and are, in my opinion, way more comfortable than wearing tights.

Embroidered Blouse


This is so pretty and unusual.

Selfie Glasses


Bonlook has some super fun prescription glasses on their website- and they’re all under $100. I really love this particular style.

Dear and Dainty Dress


This seems so versatile.

Plaid-Patterned Shirt


An unusual take on the simple white button-down.

 Decor on Display Doormat


And here are a couple of extra, random, fun things that I found on Modcloth recently 🙂

Mac & Cheese Cookbook



Like I said, random and not related to the post, but delicious!



Fashion Friday- This One Doesn’t Have a Theme

It’s been a busy, fun week around here- babysitting, youth group and home group, rock-climbing and other random stuff. Alex got home last night to celebrate his birthday with us, and the guys are all going hunting tomorrow. All in all, a good week.

And to continue the random fun-ness of this week’s activities, I present Fashion Friday, without a theme. From time to time, it seems like there isn’t really a connection between the things I choose to feature, so I decided to not even try to come up with a theme. It’s just easier that way haha. Hope you enjoy the post though 🙂

Geometric Button-Up Blouse



I really like collared shirts, and the thinner fabric of this one is perfect for warmer fall days.


Color-block Top




I really love this top. It comes in cream too, but there’s something about the teal that I just love.

Civil Jeans



I tend to gravitate towards dark wash jeans, but this lighter wash pair is really cute.


Boulder Boots




Oh my goodness- I love everything about these.

Restful Weekend Top



This looks so cozy and perfect to wear with jeans or sweats. It also comes in a pretty charcoal.

Calm Waters Bracelet



This bracelet is so unusual and beautifully simple.

Tweed Swing Jacket



I’ve seen a handful of light pink jackets similar to this one recently, including the one in my Friday Favorites post from last week. I really like this particular style though- I feel like the longer length and the tweed make it a bit more timeless, while the moto look makes it fun and trendy. And, of course, the color is beautiful.


Tulip Back Dress 



I love the color and print on this dress, and the cut-out in the back is pretty and doesn’t expose too much.


Caramel Bag



I really like the fun details on this other wise simple purse.