Fashion Friday- Fall Wardrobe

We don’t really have season changes around here- there’s a reason that the year-round average in our little town is 73*. Pretty tough, huh? 😉 Because of the lack of cold weather, as soon as the temperature’s drop into the low 70’s, the fall clothing makes an appearance.

During Fall and Winter I tend to gravitate towards wearing jeans and chunky knit sweaters- occasionally I’ll mix it up and wear a dress and tights, but comfort is still king.

With this in mind, this week’s Fashion Friday includes items that I either own, or things that would fit perfectly into the Fall “uniform” that I am constantly wearing about this time of year.

Ombre Sweater



This is unusual and cute.

 Rumor Has It Bag

194519400 (1)

I have a similar purse from Tilly’s that I love- I’ve had it for almost 2 years and use it nearly every day and it’s held together amazingly well. I thought this Roxy bag from Tilly’s was super cute too.

Vintage Slub V-Tee


I have two of these shirts and they’re great. The cut is relaxed and the fabric is not at all clingy which is normally a pet peeve of mine with shirts like this.

Cinnamon Infinity Scarf


I don’t wear scarves very much but I do love infinity scarves and this one is so cute.

Lauren Conrad Skinny Jeggings


These are, without a doubt the most comfortable pants I’ve ever worn. They are so soft and stretchy but seem to hold their shape well even after multiple wears. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how much they look like real jeans, with all the comfy benefits of jeggings. I don’t know about you, but normally when I see jeggings, they don’t look like real denim. These look nice while still being insanely comfortable.

Drape-front Cardigan


A cute alternative to a cardigan.

Taupe Desert Wedges 


I bought these last Fall and love them- even with the wedge, they’re super comfy.

Wood Ridge Jacket

237940531 (1)

I love my military jacket and this one is super cute. Here’s another (more expensive) option that comes in multiple colors.

Boxy Cable Knit Sweater



Another chunky knit sweater that I love.



Fashion Friday- How to Wear It

I did something a bit different for today’s Fashion Friday- I chose a handful of pieces, and linked to different outfits that are great inspirations for using similar items. All of the clothing pieces that I chose are very versatile and can be used in a ton of different ways.

Below each picture, there are three links leading to different outfit inspirations, so make sure that you click on all of the links (in pink or blue). Hope you have a great weekend!

Ready to Recline Top

striped tee


Ways to wear it: Casual, Eclectic, Feminine

A striped t-shirt is a great staple that can be used in a ton of different outfits. I love to wear mine with jeans, skirts and shorts.

Black Jeggings

black jeggings

Ways to wear it: With Chambray, Military, Bright

For the longest time, I didn’t own a pair of black jeans because I always thought that I’d have trouble pairing them with the right shirts. Don’t ask me why. I finally got a pair of black jeans a while back, and I absolutely love them. And they do go with everything by the way 😉

Oversized Knit Cardigan 


Ways to wear it: Casual, FancyCreative Layering

My mom has a “grandpa sweater” that she found in the men’s section of Target. I love to borrow it because it’s a perfect, thickly knit cardigan that is so cozy. I really love these sweaters from Forever 21- especially this olive green one.

Train Station Homecoming Flat

homecoming flat

Ways to wear it: All Kinds of Inspiration, Relaxed, Cute

Oxfords are just the best. Often, they end up looking a bit fancier than sneakers, and some (like this Modcloth pair) have fun details and embellishments.

Lifelong Romantic Top

romantic top

Ways to wear it: Simple, Casual, Neutral

You might not expect a fancy, lace top like this to be a good closet staple, but as I explored, I found a ton of cute ways to style similar tops.

Records Before Breakfast Skirt

records before breakfast skirt

Ways to wear it: Fancy, Layers, Cozy

I love skirts like this- especially in solid colors that are easily worn with printed shirts.

Classic Chambray Shirt


Ways to wear it: Colorful, Feminine, Layered

I couldn’t leave a chambray shirt off this post. Denim shirts are the perfect simple button-down or light-weight jacket over dresses.