Best Mother’s Day EVER

mother's 5

Yesterday was such a wonderful and special day- the only thing that could have made it better was if Alex could have been home :(.

The day started out just the way I like it: a quiet house because everyone else is sleeping and me drinking hot, yummy coffee. Donald mowed the lawn while Jordan made my favorite breakfast and Travis traipsed across the property to come back with a beautiful bouquet of wild calla lilies.

mother's day 1The Mother’s Day breakfast was my all-time favorite breakfast, EVER. A plain (or sesame seed) bagel, lightly toasted, primered with butter, slathered with cream cheese, and topped with crispy bacon. Oh, and just to throw in something remotely healthy, fruit. mother's day 2After our luscious breakfast, we went to church, and then drove to Solana Beach for a wonderful meal at California Pizza Kitchen (in case you’ve been deprived of this amazingness- FYI, it’s amazing). From there, we headed north up the coast for some fun shopping and a stop at the St. Tropez Bistro for coffee and insanely decadent chocolate desserts (unfortunately, we were too busy enjoying our heavenly cocoa pastries to take a picture for our currently salivating readers).

We came home planning to go on a hike, however we stalled for a while because it was about a billion degrees (seriously, it was like 95. I know, we are total wimps when it comes to anything above or below 75*- we live in Southern California for a reason people!).

So since we couldn’t go for a hike yet, the darling daughter washed my car. I appreciated this to an almost ridiculous degree- guess it just proves that one of my love languages is acts of service. After this, a delicious and delectable dinner was consumed: Thai pasta salad, grilled chicken and vegetables  and avocado to top off the whole shebang. As Jordan put it, “today was a good eating day”.

It finally cooled off enough for us to go for a walk…

mother's 3


mother's 6


The dogs had a blast, despite the fact that we had to turn around a little sooner than normal because of the sun setting.

mother's 4


mother's 7


mother's 8

All in all, it was a wonderful ending to a great day.

P.S. I just had to throw in a picture of my three little cuties (circa 1999).