Indio & Prescott: “Don’t Miss It!”

indio 1 bJust wanted to post a little update about what we have been up to lately. Last week, we spent two nights at our timeshare in Indio, near Palm Springs. We basically spent the entire weekend floating on innertubes, laying in the sun, swimming and eating delicious food. Oh, and watching girly movies. It was amazing. We had such a relaxing, fun couple of days. We didn’t leave the resort the entire time (they had a lazy river, three Jacuzzis, and a huge pool- we just didn’t see the need ;)), but on the drive home, we stopped by Shields Date Gardens.

indio 4

I mean, how could we not stop with a sign like that?

indio 3Yeah, okay, maybe we could have missed it. But the date milkshakes were actually pretty good, and Danae and I had a fun time imitating the 25 foot tall knight. We just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

indio 2After getting home from Indio, we had 12 hours to unpack, repack, sleep and then leave the next morning to visit Alex in Prescott, Arizonia. And 8 of those 12 hours were spent sleeping- nice jolt back to reality, huh?

Anyway, we made it to Alex’s school on Saturday and then looked at some condos for him. That night, Alex and Travis went to the movies, and had a boy’s sleepover in the dorms, while we had a girl’s sleepover at the hotel and swam in their indoor pool. Hmmm…I wonder who had a better night sleep? We went to Alex’s church, which we love, on Sunday morning and then in the afternoon we went for a hike.

prescott 1

And I mean a hike. Between the 10 pounds of cheesy California burrito we had for lunch (in Arizona heehee) and the 6,300 foot elevation, we were dying. Alex was mortified. I’m serious, he was so embarrassed- in his words, “Geez mom, I thought you’ve been working out- it must be foofee workouts or something.”

prescott 4Despite all this, the hike was gorgeous, and really fun.

Here’s my mom before she realized I was taking a picture…


and after.

prescott 2

prescott 3

prescott 5

prescott 6

prescott 7

We made it home Monday night, after fighting Memorial Day traffic all the way home, and now we’re back to baking 🙂