Fashion Friday- Splurge Edition

Yes. I realize it’s actually Sunday, but I thought late was better than never. I was at summer camp from Wednesday to Saturday, so I actually have a decent excuse for my lateness 🙂

Summer camp was absolutely incredible by the way…so many new friends made, old friendships strengthened, fun games- some challenging, some just plain silly (can you say Twinkie eating contest?!? Ohhh yeah), and the best of all: awesome teaching. God’s presence was so strong in that camp!

Anyways…. here are my Fashion Friday picks for last week- I chose to do a splurge edition this time- items that I’ll most likely never get up the nerve to buy, but that’s okay, since drooling is free, right?

Lady Lanes Cami


So sweet and pretty.

Elizabeth Heels


Oh these heels… I fell in love with them when I saw them on Penny Pincher Fashion, one of my new favorite blogs, and I haven’t stopped loving them since.

Michael Kors ‘Parker’ Watch


So. This is my mom’s addition to this week’s post. She loves herself a good white watch, but has yet to find one that fits all the criteria (not too large of a face, not annoyingly sparkly etc. etc.). She does love the nautical look of this one though.

Yarn Dye Swing Top


I love this one. Not only is it white, it’s also a tank top, so it’s pretty much a perfect shirt.

Eileen Fisher Alpaca & Merino Sweater


Some of you might know that I’m not a huge sweater person, mostly because I get hot so easily. My mom loves to tell about when this weird temperature phenomenon began to show itself: when I was a baby, she would bundle me up in long sleeves, a beanie and then swaddle me like a burrito. I lasted that way for a few minutes and then my face would get super pink and I would start to sweat. Apparently it started young 🙂

I just might be able to wear this sweater though because it looks so perfect. The color is one of my all-time favorites and it looks really comfortable.

Navy Polka Dot Toms


Toms have to be some of my favorite shoes, and I love the polka dot pattern on this pair.

I Work Out Tank Top


When I saw this shirt for the first time I couldn’t control my laughing. This is definitely on my wish list as the perfect work out top, but almost $30 seemed a little excessive. But most likely I’ll give in at some point because it’s just too funny to pass up.

Free People Shell Stitch Lace Henley07282013071646


I thought this was really cute and comes in a lot of pretty colors.

Ex Boyfriend Tee


Ditto to the comment above, except I think I love it even more because it looks so comfortable.