Fashion Friday- Girl’s Week!

My Dad and Travis left yesterday for work in Florida, so it’s just the two girls here for a week! We’ve already decided to eat lots of girly stuff that normally wouldn’t be allowed in our house. In honor of this, we thought that we would start a Meatless Monday post- keep an eye out for the first one this Monday.

We also are going to watch plenty of chick flicks and do any other girly things that we can think of πŸ™‚

Here are some random things that I found this week and loved…

Tucson Adventures Printed Dress


I really love the colors and pattern of this dress.

One Way Ticket Bag in Type


This looks like a perfect school/laptop bag.

Pleated Cap Sleeve Top


So pretty.

All Rose Gold Metal Watch

I really like this watch- I had a hard time deciding between the rose one (above) or the gold one, because both are super cool.

Lattice Cutout Shirt


I like the unexpected detail on the back.

Spiral Ring


I love rings. I normally have four to five on- two that stay the same, and the other two to three are changed out as I feel the urge._DSC0046

^^^here are the five that I’m currently wearing- I took them off my hands to show you πŸ™‚

Besides my basic rings, I also have a collection of cocktail rings that are super fun to wear. They were even more fun to collect- the gold one with an opal was my great-grandma’s, who will be 90 in September, and Danae gave me the silver rose ring because she knew I had my eye out for one just like it.


^^^All my rings….yes, that is a kitty-cat ring holder.Β 

Mandarin Twist Printed Blouse


I have a feeling that my mom would love this top- she is currently obsessed with orange, and has a blouse very similar to this one. I just figured out that her orange top fits me- yay! I love being able to share clothes and jewelry with my mom- it’s like having a sister with better taste than me πŸ™‚

Taupe Suede Wedges

w-taupe-suede-desert-wedge-h-fa12Yep, another pair of Toms. I love these so much. The heel height seems nice (the heel is only 2 3/4 inches), and the color is really cool. I feel like they would be adorable during the warmer months, but also would be really fun during the winter with tights.

Sherwood Crochet Detail Top


I think that this would be adorable with jeans or a cute skirt. It looks so cozy!