Fashion Friday- I’m Ready for Christmas Now

I am not one of those people who believes in putting up Christmas decorations on, or heaven forbid, before, Thanksgiving. I was in denial up until this week to tell you the truth. Because my denying the fact that it is already December will really make a difference in how time functions.

The change occurred when I realized that with Christmas, comes Christmas break. No school!! Plans for various movie marathons, Christmas parties and sleep-overs are already in the works, some of which, no doubt, will occur on a weekday- *Gasp*.

I think that yesterday helped a ton to get me into the Christmas spirit too. My mom and I went with a group of friends, and volunteered at the Operation Christmas Child Processing Warehouse. I think that this is the third year that we have done it, and every time it’s amazing. Isn’t it incredible how blessing someone else actually blesses you? The boxes that we were processing were being prepared to ship to Indonesia, and it was so cool to think that those boxes, full of seemingly trivial toys, could radically change a child’s life. It also makes me think about the blessings we enjoy every day and don’t even realize. All in all, volunteering there was the perfect way to refocus on what’s important about Christmas. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s not all about the material possessions or the time off of school, or the Christmas tree. It’s about being reminded of Jesus’ sacrifice when he came into this world, about God’s grace, his unending faithfulness, and a sort of love that we can’t even begin to comprehend.

If you aren’t familiar with Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samaritan’s Purse, I would highly recommend taking a look at their website (click on the under-lined link in pink)- the impact they make on children around the world is unbelievable.


And now, here are my Fashion Friday picks for this week. I hope that you all have a great weekend and get a chance to slow down and enjoy the process of getting ready for Christmas.

Baking with Berries Cardigan

baking with berries cardigan

Isn’t this gorgeous? I love how it looks like it’s been felted.

Sweet Side Bow Cuff

sweet side bow

So girly and unusual.

Lace Detail Top


Pointed Damask Flats



Quinn V-Neck Sweater


All I’ve been wanting to wear lately is comfy sweaters- this seems like a good one.

Just a Crush Tulle Slipdress


I don’t know how this would look as a dress on it’s own, but I loved the skirt, so I put it on here anyway.

Searching for Sea Glass Bag

searching for sea glass bag

This doesn’t look like the style of purse I’d normally like, but there’s something about the sea blue with the gold that I love.

Sebastian Button-down Shirt

sebastian button-down shirt

I really like this in the pale pink too.

Marled Metallic Infinity Scarf


I don’t wear a whole lot of scarves, but when I see them on other people I love them. For some reason I just don’t think about putting one on. I’ve seen a couple adorable ways to tie a scarf recently though, so maybe one of my scarves will be making an appearance soon. Or I could just wear my cowl scarf, a.k.a. “the scarf for dummies”, and that would fix all of my scarf-tying issues. Yes, that is a real quote. That was my older brother, Alex’s reaction to cowl scarves- ha!

Retro Dots Skater Dress

retro dots skater dress

This is $8. And I love it. What more can one want? It does look a bit short though, so I’m not sure how I’d like it on me.



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