Fashion Friday- Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas! We had a great day and ate lots of yummy food πŸ˜‰

76445bb36eedad1dd051d31b6b35fe8bAnd now in honor of being thankful for the gifts and blessings we just received, here are all the clothes that I would love to go out and buy this very second πŸ˜‰ Just kidding! But seriously, here all of the cute clothes that I picked for this week’s Fashion Friday!

Long- Sleeve Crepe Blouse


In a weird way this looks a bit like something a clown may wear, but somehow it’s still adorable.

Starry Night Dress


A dress in sweats material? Yes please.

Meridian Park Rucksack


Doesn’t this seem like the perfect back-pack?

Perfect Day Mint Dress


It’s a little off-season for anyone not experiencing this 80 degree California weather, but so cute none the less.

Sparkle Feather Earrings

feather earrings

Said Yes Tulle Skirt in Rose


So whimsical and ballerina-ish! Wouldn’t this be so fun to wear? I’d always be twirling πŸ˜‰

Boyfriend Snap-front Cardigan

boyfriend snap-front

Another cozy, over-sized sweater- love it. It’s perfect just like in the picture- tights, boots, dress and long cardigan.

Soho Lock Crossbody


Love the color and structured shape.

Skip a Beat Dress


Never underestimate the power of a simple black dress πŸ™‚



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