Fashion Friday- Because Sometimes Wearing Pajamas Makes Sense

You know those days when wearing skinny jeans seems unthinkable? When putting on another belted dress is out of the question? Yeah, me too.

Sometimes, (okay. most of the time), wearing pajamas outside of the house is an extremely tempting proposal. I have yet to go to Wal-Mart in pajamas (that’s where I draw the line), but I have worn many pairs of sweats, leggings and countless big sweaters that really should be considered pj’s. With this in mind, here are a few Fashion Friday items that  look so darn comfy. Thank goodness for clothes that have the comfy-ness of pajamas and are also totally acceptable for wearing to Wal-Mart. Or any other place where there is the smallest chance that you’ll see someone you know. Comfy and cute? That’s a killer combo.

On an unrelated note, below are two articles that I read this past week and absolutely loved.

This post was super interesting and thought provoking- I totally agreed with her point of view and opinions on the term “Food P–n” (see article for explanation on the hyphenation).

This article on the movie Noah was also an excellent read. I haven’t seen the movie, but the writer of the article was right on. Definitely won’t be spending money on that one…

ASOS Baseball Top

baseball top purple


Can I just say how much I love this color?

Rolan Women’s Shorts



These are adorable. Perfect for lounging around in summer or, better yet, worn over a bathing suit.

H&M Jersey Maxi Dress

jersey maxi dress


This is such a pretty color and the fabric seems so nice and comfy.

Once Upon a Time Watch



Yeaaaahhhhh. I don’t really know how this watch fits in with the whole “clothes that feel like pj’s” theme. But it’s cute! So it ended up on the post 🙂

Cute Kitty T-shirt




Noisy May Skater Dress

noisy may skater dress


I’ve been eyeing a dress that is very similar to this one and I absolutely love the style!

Wayfarer Sunglasses



For those days when makeup is a foreign concept.

Patterned Jump Suit

patterned jump suit


I’m not normally a huge jumpsuit person, but this one is adorable and I love the print.

Ojai Valley Sandals

I have a pair of O’Neill flip-flops that I have worn a ton since two summers ago. I dread the day when they break, or I lose them. These sandals are similar, and they are so cute.