Springtime Creamy Yogurt Pie

springtime yogurt pie 1

Are you still putting together your Easter menu? This pie would be a great addition. It’s very light and probably pretty low calorie. After a big meal, this would be a nice light dessert option. I loved the springy colors too. I made this last weekend and got requests to make it again for Easter.

springtime yogurt pie 2

This original recipe came from A Taste of Home and I got it from my friend Jeannette. When she made it, she did the lime variety and also a lemon. I made the lime and then decided to try orange. You can do any flavor that sounds good to you, you just need to modify the recipe. I thought strawberry with some fresh strawberries would be good too. The directions from the original recipe said to refrigerate the pie but when I had it, Jeanette froze the pie and then let it defrost a bit before serving. I liked that, so that is what I did. You can play around with the recipe a bit and see how you like it best. You can whip this pie up in less than 5 minutes, but just allow enough time for it to set, either in the refrigerator or the freezer, allow for several hours. If you freeze it, just allow it to soften a bit before serving.

The recipe below is for one lime pie. You can modify the flavors any way that sounds good to you. You could choose nonfat or light varieties of the Yoplait yogurt and the Cool Whip, if you’d like.

Happy Easter!

Creamy Yogurt Pie
1 graham cracker pie crust
1 3 ounce box Jello Gelatin, lime flavor
12 ounces of yogurt (2- 6 oz. containers) I used Yoplait Key Lime
1 8 ounce container Cool Whip

Pour the yogurt into a medium sized bowl and add the Jello. Mix well. Fold in the entire container of Cool Whip and mix completely. Spread into graham cracker crust. That’s it! Freeze or refrigerate for several hours. Enjoy!