30-day Squat Challenge & New Adventures


So this is our latest 30 day challenge- we’ve done a plank challenge and an abs challenge before, and we started this squat challenge a few days ago. I’m only on Day 9, and it’s already gotten hard- I’m actually thinking about starting over at the beginning of the month to stay on track. We’d love if you joined us for our May Fitness Challenge!

Speaking of challenges- my mom and I have a new adventure to prepare for! At the beginning of July, a group of us (my mom and I and three other women) are hiking a portion of the John Muir Trail. We’ll be on the trail for about eight days, and we’ll hike about 65 miles. The three other women we are going with are dear friends, so it should be an amazing bonding experience for all of us. It’ll be the first time doing something like this for three out of the five of us, so we are all super excited for all the challenges that lie ahead.

We’re starting to train by going on day hikes in elevation and running hills. Our driveway is very steep and long- quite a few people have commented that it’s a bit like riding a roller coaster when you drive down it 😀 Anyway, my dad suggested that we load up our backpacks and walk up our driveway 20-30 times. Every. day. Did I mention that we’ll have a 35 pound backpack on? Yeah. Exactly.

Despite my whining, I’m so excited. It’s a bit scary considering all the things we need to prepare and train for, but I’m ready to be stretched. I think if there’s one thing that working out consistently has taught me, it is that I can. Being someone who has never been overly confident in her own physical abilities, it’s been a huge growing experience for me. This hike is just another chance to be stretched. I know that it’s going to be hard. Beyond hard at times. But I’m so thankful to be blessed with this opportunity. And you know what? It makes me praise God that he’s continuing to work in me. Just a year ago, I can’t imagine doing anything like this, let alone being excited to do it. He is truly amazing and I’m continually blown away that he loves me and  he loves me enough not to leave me the way he found me. He’s working on me constantly, and wanting to see me like him. Even in the things like my own confidence, he’s interested and wants to grow me!

“In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” -Phillipians 1:4-6

Yes. I just went from a squat challenge, to a 65 mile hike, to God’s grace and love- in the span of 5 paragraphs. Sorry about that 🙂 Oh! Last but not least, as we’re preparing for our big hike, we’re going to be experimenting with some homemade trail food- so keep an eye out for new recipes!