Another Milestone- Alex’s Graduation

graduation 3

This past weekend, we visited Alex in Prescott, Arizona, and celebrated his graduation from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University! Woot woot!! We’re so proud of him- he graduated with a 4.0 GPA and a degree in Aeronautical Sciences.

graduation 2

^^^Yay Alex!!

We stayed with Alex at his place, and my grandpa and grandma, aunt and uncle, and some friends were all able to come out for the graduation. The whole weekend was so fun and it was great to be able to celebrate Alex and all of his accomplishments.

The commencement ceremony was so nice, even though I felt like the least educated person in the entire place. When senior thesis projects are brought up, and you understand like 25% of the words in the title, you know you’re out of your depth.


Saturday after the graduation, Alex took us to the airport where he has been working for the past year to show us the flight simulator he sometimes uses to teach his students. That’s yet another thing Alex has to be proud of- he has a job straight out of college! He will continue to instruct for Embry-Riddle, teaching students how to fly. It’s such a blessing that he has a job already, and not only that, it’s a job in his chosen field, doing something he loves! Even though it sounds cliche, it’s truly so exciting to think of where he’ll go from here!

graduation 1

Sorry for not posting a Fashion Friday this past week- keep an eye out for this week’s post! Hope you all had a great weekend!