Fashion Friday- Kitchen Edition

I thought it was time to do a kitchen edition of Fashion Friday- since we have a cooking blog, it’s surprising that we haven’t talked about our kitchen more. Here are some of our most-loved kitchen tools, plus some recent, drool-worthy kitchen finds. Hope you enjoy it!

Check out “My Dreamhome” board on Pinterest (I think you’ll see a theme fairly quickly. Can anyone say ‘everything’s white’?? ;))

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KitchenAid Mixer



This was one of our all-time favorite kitchen purchases- it’s expensive, but so worth it. It’s used practically every day and makes everything so much easier.

Fanfare Buffet Napkins



I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned it before on the blog, but we use all cloth napkins at our house- we do have some paper napkins in the pantry for big parties and camping, but our everyday napkins are cloth. We started using cloth napkins about eight years ago when my mom found a handful of small cloth napkins that ended up wearing out from so much use. That was when all three of us kids were at home, eating three meals a day, and the small, square, lunch-sized napkins didn’t add much to the laundry loads. We’re not sure if they save money in the long-run, but I feel like they look so much nicer than paper napkins.

We have these napkins from World Market in the pretty blue color above, and the dark brown- they are good quality, and a really good price.

Coffee Cart



A cart dedicated solely to coffee paraphernalia? Yes please.

Measuring Spoons

measuring spoons- modcloth


As you can imagine, measuring spoons and cups are in high-demand around here. We have at least four sets of each. These wooden ones are really cute and seem like they would last longer than the porcelain sets I’ve been looking at.


Open shelves vs. cabinets? 



This article. Swoon.

Enamelware Dinner Plates



Just in case my love for all white dishes isn’t clear enough from the picture above…

These plates are so cool- the price categorizes them in the “dream” category though.




We just borrowed this food vacuum sealer from a friend to seal some beef jerky and stuff for our backpacking trip. We love it so far- it seems like such a good option for storing food.

Colorblock Mug

colorblock mug


I have a problem with mugs. I’m addicted. It’s not just the fact that they hold coffee (which is a big deal in and of itself). It’s the shape, the size- the unique-ness of each one. Yeah, I know- I sound crazy- but that’s okay 🙂

These mugs from Anthropologie are so pretty- I love them.

Softworks Batter Bowl



We have a plastic, Pampered Chef batter bowl that is at least 12-15 years old. It is probably one of the most used items in our kitchen because it is just the right size and the handle and pour spout makes it so convenient. This bowl from Target is very similar to ours and seems perfect.