Friday Favorites- A Few Cute Things…

Happy Friday! I decided to do a Friday Favorites today instead of the normal Fashion Friday- hope you enjoy it!

Favorite Random Blog Post- Tell Yourself 20



Thought this was sweet.

Favorite Video- GoPro Puppies

I absolutely loved this. And then I found this video, which just completed the cuteness. And this (dramatic) video. Seriously you guys, just search YouTube for “puppies chasing GoPro”. You won’t be disappointed.

Favorite Recipe to Try- Homemade Fries + Ketchup



Yum yum yum. My mouth is watering just looking at this.

Favorite Outfit Post- The Clothes Horse

montpelier-41_zpsb14a9301It should come as no surprise that I love her hair color. But I also really love this outfit post- the pink jacket is so pretty!

Favorite Accessory- Critter Backpack

critter backpack


Cute and quirky!

Favorite New Song- Tenerife Sea

One of my recent music favorites.

Favorite Pinterest Board- Wandering Soul


Yes, I featured one of my own boards- feels kinda weird, but doing it anyway 😉

Favorite Drool- Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in the World



This post made me want to take a trip exclusively to find the best ice cream places. My stomach would be happy, but my clothes? Not so much.


Sometimes, Music Speaks Louder Than Words

I’m the type of person who constantly has music playing- there’s something about music that I just connect with. I honestly think that if I could sing/I had any type of musical talent, I’d want to pursue a career in music. But since I don’t have either of those things, I just listen and enjoy it, which is more than all right with me.

Lego House– Ed Sheeran



Ed Sheeran’s voice is so cool. I also love, love, love this version by Sam Woolf, an American Idol finalist.


Something I Need– OneRepublic


native album cover


Rather Be– Clean Bandit


This is a bit unusual for my typical taste in music, but the beat is so fun, I couldn’t resist throwing it into the mix.


Oh My Dear– Tenth Avenue North



One of my favorite Tenth Avenue North songs.


Today Was a Fairytale– Taylor Swift


Somehow I didn’t know about this Taylor Swift song until fairly recently- it must not have been on any of her albums. I really like it though.

Dear Marie– John Mayer



I have absolutely no idea why John Mayer is wearing what looks like 15 pounds of clothing, but I do know that I like this song (and the entire Paradise Valley album, to be honest).

Stars– David Crowder Band


Another one of my favorites, this time from David Crowder Band.

I’ve Got This Friend– The Civil Wars



This song’s really quirky and fun- I love their two voices together.


I’d Rather Be With You– Joshua Radin



Joshua Radin is a pretty typical example of my fall-back taste in music- low-key, with some folk influences.


Thunderstruck– 2Cellos



I know that I’m probably the last person in the world to have seen this video, but these two guys are amazing, and since I heard them for the first time today, I had to share it.