What Was I Thinking?

For some reason this week has been particularly grueling in the workout department. It could be because I stayed for a second torture session, I mean boot camp session on Monday. Or, it’s just that I’m getting so old my body just isn’t recovering the way it used to. In any case, today, when I got home from torture session #5 for this week I could barely walk. So what did I decide to do? Clean out an upper cabinet above my oven. You know the one? Where everything you never really need or use gets shoved up there and because the cabinet is high and deep, you just sort of forget about it. Well, that is the one I decided that I MUST clean out today. It required me getting up and down on the chair so I could dig out all the treasures in this cabinet! Ugh!

cabinet 1Seriously, this ALL came out of the one cabinet. I didn’t even recognize most of it…

cabinet 2A perfect example of the junk that got stuck up there…so many lids, so few jars! It’s worse than losing just one sock.

cabinet 4

Jordan got such a kick out of this one: the rosy mug without the saucer (I found the shattered remains deep within the cabinet) is a Happy Birthday mug that has a wind-up music box inside. Seriously, Happy Birthday is printed on the side and the teacup sings. When would you ever need a singing teacup? I guess though, it could come in handy for a stage production of The Beauty and the Beast 😉

cabinet 3Travis said that his “life was made complete” when he found out that we own a milkshake maker, and all Jordan had to say was “What!?! How come I’ve never heard of this??” I foresee many milkshakes in my future…

Despite the copious amount of  junk unearthed, I was able to find a whole box of stuff to donate to our church’s rummage sale, and obviously I also re-discovered some treasures.

cabinet 5Ahhhh…the beautiful sight of an empty cabinet is so worth all the pain I experienced clambering onto the chair countless times.


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