Fashion Friday- Hiking Mode & Other Randomness

In case you missed it- here’s the post about our upcoming hike. 

Happy Friday!

Well, we’re in full hiking mode now- every trip to the store involves a stroll down the camping aisle and we’ve been buying granola bars and other snacks to find out what we like before the trip. Alex came home last night, and today we went with him for a hike- weighted, 40+ pound packs, boots, poles- the whole shebang. 6 miles later, and we were totally feeling it. And we’re doing another hike with all of our gear on Monday morning. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it.

Anyway, Fashion Friday is going to be pretty short this week, but here are a couple things I found this week and enjoyed:

Check out this adorable photo project- Zoey+Jasper

Yes. It’s a house. With a slide. It’s amazing. 

Sheer Woven Top



This is so pretty and I love the print.

Embroidered Dress



This looks like a great summer dress.

Criss-cross cami bra


We found these sports bra’s at Sports Authority the other day and each bought one- they are so comfortable and perfect for our hike.

Citrus Limon Earrings



Aren’t these pretty? The color is so unusual.

Apricot Long Sleeve Top


I really like this.

Chelsea Bib Necklace


Sunflower Spaghetti Strap Dress



I absolutely love this!! The website says it’s a jumpsuit, but I don’t think it is. Either way it’s adorable.




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