Fanatics MLB Baseball Hat Outfit Challenge

Hey all!

Fanatics is an awesome company that sells all kinds of clothing for fans of basically all sports- football, basketball, Nascar, hockey, soccer, the Olympics, college sports, and, of course, baseball! The best part about Fanatics is that they are the perfect place to start if you’re wanting a great game-day outfit. When building cute game-day style, it can be hard to find a large selection of clothes from your favorite team, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the huge variety of designs that Fanatics carries- there’s truly something for everyone!

Because of their great selection of products, I decided to design a great game-day outfit based around a MLB baseball hat that I picked from their website. I was super excited to design an outfit based around a baseball cap! Even though we don’t watch a whole lot of baseball around here, I absolutely love heading down to PetCo Park in San Diego to watch a Padre’s game once in a while. The atmosphere at PetCo Park is so cool- it’s right in the middle of downtown San Diego, and there are so many fun things to do around there. Another great thing about PetCo is the food- they have such amazing food choices, which just adds to the general fun of a baseball game 🙂

Fanatics Baseball Hat Outfit Challenge

San Diego Padre’s New Era Hat//Basta Lace-up Boots//Sweeter Than Honey Sweater//Super-skinny Jean//Make a Movement Earrings//Mila Festival Bag

I could totally see myself wearing this outfit to a baseball game- it’s so comfy and cute. Fanatics has a huge variety of baseball hats for whichever team is your favorite- I chose a super cool, two-tone flat-bill Padre’s hat, and built a perfect outfit around that.

I had such a fun time designing my game-day outfit and hope that you enjoyed the finished product! Make sure to check out Fanatics– especially their amazing selection of baseball hats!

Hope you all have a great Monday!



Sometimes, Music Speaks Louder Than Words

I’m the type of person who constantly has music playing- there’s something about music that I just connect with. I honestly think that if I could sing/I had any type of musical talent, I’d want to pursue a career in music. But since I don’t have either of those things, I just listen and enjoy it, which is more than all right with me.

Lego House– Ed Sheeran



Ed Sheeran’s voice is so cool. I also love, love, love this version by Sam Woolf, an American Idol finalist.


Something I Need– OneRepublic


native album cover


Rather Be– Clean Bandit


This is a bit unusual for my typical taste in music, but the beat is so fun, I couldn’t resist throwing it into the mix.


Oh My Dear– Tenth Avenue North



One of my favorite Tenth Avenue North songs.


Today Was a Fairytale– Taylor Swift


Somehow I didn’t know about this Taylor Swift song until fairly recently- it must not have been on any of her albums. I really like it though.

Dear Marie– John Mayer



I have absolutely no idea why John Mayer is wearing what looks like 15 pounds of clothing, but I do know that I like this song (and the entire Paradise Valley album, to be honest).

Stars– David Crowder Band


Another one of my favorites, this time from David Crowder Band.

I’ve Got This Friend– The Civil Wars



This song’s really quirky and fun- I love their two voices together.


I’d Rather Be With You– Joshua Radin



Joshua Radin is a pretty typical example of my fall-back taste in music- low-key, with some folk influences.


Thunderstruck– 2Cellos



I know that I’m probably the last person in the world to have seen this video, but these two guys are amazing, and since I heard them for the first time today, I had to share it.








Friday Favorites- It’s Summer!!

Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy the cool/funny/cute things I’ve seen around this past week. Have a great weekend!

Favorite Funny- All By Myself music video 

What else would you do when stuck in the airport alone overnight??

And here are a few more funny things because I couldn’t choose just one…

“Chancho- I need to borrow some sweats”

I laughed just a bit too hard at this. 

Favorite Summer Outfit Inspiration



I’m in love with everything about this outfit.

Favorite Recent Beauty Find- L’Oreal Paris Anti-Oxidant Spray

loreal hair

I bought this spray a month or so ago at Wal-mart and love it so far. I’m not totally sure how much “color vibrancy” it adds to my hair, but it smells super good, it makes my hair soft, it helps with frizz and it adds a ton of volume. And it doesn’t get sticky, greasy or weigh my hair down. Since I dyed my hair, I only wash it once every 5 or 6 days, so this spray helps adds some body and life when it’s a little sad looking.

Favorite Life Hack- How to Ripen Bananas


This seems like it would be helpful to know at some point.

Favorite Worship Song (right now)- Chains Hit the Ground

I love this song- I heard it for the first time at youth group and was blown away.

Favorite DIY- DIY Kimono


My mom and I were talking the other day about kimonos like this- we’d seen a couple people wearing them, and liked the idea. This DIY project seems simple and totally do-able.

Favorite Food Gawk- Snickers Bars Cinnamon Rolls



Favorite New Company- Birch Box


For about $10 a month, Birch Box will send you a little box full of high-end beauty and make-up samples- like one of the boxes pictured above. We’ve received two so far, and I’ve been really impressed with the cute packaging and the samples are fun to try out.

Favorite Homemade Item- DIY Laundry Detergent 


This seems like such a huge money saver and it looks really simple.

Favorite Hair Color- The Clothes Horse

_MG_0373_zps04ba6965 Also, this pink hair. Here’s another picture. And a video. Can you tell I’m just a little obsessed?

I have the hair color itch- I love the dark red I’ve been dying my hair, but suddenly bright hair is really appealing to me. I’m really hesitant to bleach my  hair because I don’t want to damage it, so the bright hair idea is going to be a bit hard to achieve. We’ll see what I ultimately decide- I’ll keep you all posted on my hair endeavors 😉


Fashion Friday- Modcloth’s Uniquely You Campaign

Last week, I got an email from the lovely Amy Hirt, a stylist over at Modcloth– she asked if I would be interested in participating in their Uniquely You campaign by styling an ensemble around a particular ModCloth item. I was absolutely thrilled to be invited, and immediately said yes. In case you haven’t heard of Modcloth, they are a retro-inspired, online clothing company that has adorable clothes, accessories and even home goods. If you’ve read my Fashion Friday posts in the past, then you’ll be familiar with some of their products- I love their stuff! In fact, we bought my mom a pair of leather sandals (only available in cream now) from Modcloth for Mother’s Day that she loves. They are a bit unusual and are great because they have a little bit of a heel and a strap in the back- two things that aren’t normally on cute sandals. Those details make them adorable and comfortable.
All of the their clothes are so fun and totally my style. My personal style tends to be mostly classic cuts with unusual and fun details, and that fits in with Modcloth’s clothes completely.
I particularly love their dresses- as someone who wears a lot of dresses, I really appreciate their amazing selection. Here are just a few of the Modcloth dresses that I’m currently crushing on: modcloth favorite dresses
Aren’t those adorable? Because I love Modcloth’s dresses so much, I was super excited to find out that Modcloth wanted me to design an ensemble around the Abiding Beauty Dress– a classic, simple dress that would make for a great closet staple. The leather belt that comes with the dress is nearly identical to a belt that I own, and the dress itself is something that I would’ve picked out on my own also. I had so much fun picking out different Modcloth accessories and shoes to go with the dress.
The knit fabric that the dress is made out of looks so comfortable- it got me thinking of all the places I would want to wear it. My first thought was that it would be a perfect travel dress- versatile, easily pack-able, and above all, comfortable. That was my jumping off point for creating my outfit- the finished product is something that I could absolutely see myself wearing.
So, here’s my Modcloth Uniquely You ensemble!
My Daughter and I- Modcloth Uniquely You Contest
I can easily imagine wearing this outfit for exploring during a trip- all of the items are versatile and could work with so many different outfits.
Visiting Italy (and all of Europe actually!) is an absolute dream of mine, and this outfit would be exactly what I’d want to wear for a trip like that! It’s my Italy Dreamin’ outfit I suppose 😉
I used Polyvore to create both of these style sets- it was my first time using Polyvore and I had a lot of fun with it. If you want to check out my profile, or follow me, here’s the link.
I hope you enjoyed my outfit for Modcloth! I had a great time putting it together!

Fashion Friday- Kitchen Edition

I thought it was time to do a kitchen edition of Fashion Friday- since we have a cooking blog, it’s surprising that we haven’t talked about our kitchen more. Here are some of our most-loved kitchen tools, plus some recent, drool-worthy kitchen finds. Hope you enjoy it!

Check out “My Dreamhome” board on Pinterest (I think you’ll see a theme fairly quickly. Can anyone say ‘everything’s white’?? ;))

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KitchenAid Mixer



This was one of our all-time favorite kitchen purchases- it’s expensive, but so worth it. It’s used practically every day and makes everything so much easier.

Fanfare Buffet Napkins



I’m not sure if we’ve mentioned it before on the blog, but we use all cloth napkins at our house- we do have some paper napkins in the pantry for big parties and camping, but our everyday napkins are cloth. We started using cloth napkins about eight years ago when my mom found a handful of small cloth napkins that ended up wearing out from so much use. That was when all three of us kids were at home, eating three meals a day, and the small, square, lunch-sized napkins didn’t add much to the laundry loads. We’re not sure if they save money in the long-run, but I feel like they look so much nicer than paper napkins.

We have these napkins from World Market in the pretty blue color above, and the dark brown- they are good quality, and a really good price.

Coffee Cart



A cart dedicated solely to coffee paraphernalia? Yes please.

Measuring Spoons

measuring spoons- modcloth


As you can imagine, measuring spoons and cups are in high-demand around here. We have at least four sets of each. These wooden ones are really cute and seem like they would last longer than the porcelain sets I’ve been looking at.


Open shelves vs. cabinets? 



This article. Swoon.

Enamelware Dinner Plates



Just in case my love for all white dishes isn’t clear enough from the picture above…

These plates are so cool- the price categorizes them in the “dream” category though.




We just borrowed this food vacuum sealer from a friend to seal some beef jerky and stuff for our backpacking trip. We love it so far- it seems like such a good option for storing food.

Colorblock Mug

colorblock mug


I have a problem with mugs. I’m addicted. It’s not just the fact that they hold coffee (which is a big deal in and of itself). It’s the shape, the size- the unique-ness of each one. Yeah, I know- I sound crazy- but that’s okay 🙂

These mugs from Anthropologie are so pretty- I love them.

Softworks Batter Bowl



We have a plastic, Pampered Chef batter bowl that is at least 12-15 years old. It is probably one of the most used items in our kitchen because it is just the right size and the handle and pour spout makes it so convenient. This bowl from Target is very similar to ours and seems perfect.